Doing Well is an inviting vision of health communicated in a straightforward, practical and personal way.                 

After experiencing severe and chronic menstrual pain since the age of 13, it took over two decades and being hospitalized for an ovarian cyst rupture to finally learn why I had suffered for so many years: I had stage 4 endometriosis. While I was strongly encouraged to have immediate surgery and get on birth control, I took another route. At the time of my diagnosis, I had just begun learning about integrative health, and decided to explore this more holistic approach before following my allopathic doctors’ orders. Under the guidance of holistic health practitioners (who later became my teachers), I committed to a rigorous and consistent healing lifestyle.

Within 6 months, my endo symptoms were in remission. I went from taking 12 Advil on the worst day of my period to taking 1 Advil my entire cycle (now I don’t take it at all). Not only that, but life-long digestive issues cleared up, and I said bye to cigarettes after smoking for 15 years. Another significant and unexpected change occurred: I began to relate to my body in a new way.



Back then, I was a woman working in fashion and like many had spent much of my life harshly criticizing my body and approaching "health" from an external looks perspective. But as I began to make changes, something in me shifted – I became aware of my organ systems, my innate healing potential, and my life force energy. I experienced a profound reframe, shame release, and overall relaxation around living in my body. My passion had changed and my profession followed. I wanted to learn everything I could about integrative health, make it approachable and share it with others. So, after 2 years of private study, I took the leap and became certified by the Hippocrates Health Institute as a Health Educator. In 2014, I launched my coaching practice, partnering with clients on improving both their long-term health and daily experiences. 

I believe we are each designed and hard-wired to express health - and living a connected, engaged and vibrant life is a vital part of that expression. It is my intention to include, guide and empower everyone with that truth.