Doing Well is my vision of health communicated in a straightforward, uplifting and personal way.


I struggled with severe and chronic menstrual pain since I was 13. I thought it was normal. But when I was 34, I was rushed to the emergency room with abdominal pain. It turned out an ovarian cyst burst inside of me, and several more cysts were discovered. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. Medical specialists strongly urged me to have immediate surgery and get on birth control.

At the time, I had just started learning about cellular health (thanks to an antibiotic experience gone wrong) so I chose to explore a holistic approach before following allopathic doctors’ orders. I was very lucky to find my master teachers early on and under their guidance and care, I committed to a rigorous and consistent healing lifestyle.

Within 6 months, all of my endo symptoms were in remission. Not only that, but life-long digestive issues cleared up, I said bye to cigarettes after smoking for 15 years, and I went from taking 12 Advil on the worst day of my period to taking 1 Advil my entire cycle (now I don’t take it at all).

I also began to relate to my body in a new way. Since 2010, I had shared my vision for a quieter version of sexy with my underwear line TEN, a celebration of graceful, smart, direct and playful femininity. Yet as a woman in fashion, I spent my life harshly criticizing my body and approaching "health" from a looks perspective. But something in me had shifted. I became aware of my organs, my immune system, and my cells. I began to understand, trust and revere my true body.

Soon it became obvious that my passion had changed and my profession would follow. Every free moment I had was spent studying and practicing alternative health and healing. After 2 years under the guidance of my master teachers and researching as many books, lectures, healers, podcasts, and personal stories as possible, I took the leap and became certified by the Hippocrates Health Institute as a Health Educator.


Today, I believe we are each designed and hard-wired to express health. It is my intention to include, guide, and empower everyone with that truth.