Career Coaching 


Created for people interested in working in health and wellness, the Guidance Session is a 45-minute virtual session that delves into ideas around career transitions and professional goals. We cover your personal history and current goals, address and answer questions that are coming up, explore immediate and long-term options and I openly share my story to the extent that it’s helpful. We go deep! 

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“Daphne’s approach was just what I was looking for – no frills, no hesitation, and all truth.”   

– Camille J., Los Angeles


“Daphne mines directly from the center of both her personal and work life to share her unique perspective on building one’s own ideal career and life. She has a way of cutting to the heart of one’s needs and offering a quick and simple roadmap to their next step.”   

– Deirdre S., Detroit


“Daphne has the incredible gift to make people feel comfortable in their vulnerability; she understands modern life, she doesn’t judge, and her tips and daily practices are for everyone approachable and understandable.”   

– Chiara R., Antwerp


“Daphne feels like a safe space for anyone a little lost looking for just somewhere to start.”   

– Emma O., New York City