“Daphne is an educator, a guide, a mentor and a friend in this practice. Her skill and aptitude for supporting all people through this incredibly personal journey toward health is completely unique, she is a diamond in the rough.”

– Anja T., New York City


“In the past, when working with other nutritionists, I have felt very restricted. In contrast, Daphne’s approach was applicable to real life and she always had multiple solutions for everyday situations. With her, I set a goal, and through consistent communication, small tweaks, and encouragement, I reached it! With her help, I honed my skills of flexibility and healing decision-making within my busy daily life. I'm forever grateful for my experience with Daphne and received knowledge that I will utilize for the rest of my life.”

 - Lily S. 


“To this day, If I find myself in a situation, I will ask myself, “how would Daphne handle this?” I’m continually using your teachings. I am more kind and compassionate towards my body and health. I look at success differently: rather than having a desired outcome, I focus on what I do daily and how it makes me feel.”

 - Carma H.


“Daphne’s approach allows for ‘mistakes’ and for real life, and I was grateful that she encouraged me to embrace the special moments, like a trip to Italy. That took away the feeling of failure and made it easier to go back to day-to-day routines.”

 - Cat G.